Bray Business Brokerage can help consult on your business operations to help maximize efficiencies and lead to higher profitability and effectiveness in the marketplace. We can help with struggling businesses trying to increase profitability or businesses that are looking to take their performance to the next level. Our consulting services are also valuable for business owners who are nearing retirement, and would like to prepare their business for a near-term sale. Call us today for a free consultation!

Bray Business Brokerage consulting services include a deep-dive into your company’s financials and operations to diagnose what areas in your business could be improved to increase profitability, and/or to create a company that will be easier, quicker, and more valuable to sell down the road. Our Business Brokers are experienced in a wide-range of business sectors and are familiar with different industry averages for profit margins, expense levels as percentages of sales, growth potential and CapEx required, and more. We will help make recommendations for your business based on the current state of your financial performance, while accounting for any projected assumptions that may need to be considered. Our brokers will be able to ask insightful questions to identify potential opportunities in your company’s financial performance and operational efficiency to help you reach your professional goals.

Our ideal client for consulting services typically fit into these two categories:

1.) Business owners who are either nearing retirement and would like help to prepare their business for sale

Selling your business can be one of the most important financial decisions/transactions in an owner’s life. These transactions often bear many long-term effects for an owners life, including their retirement! That’s why it is important for an owner to understand their businesses current value relative to what their required or desired price of the business is. Owners may come to find that their business is not worth what they need it to be worth in order to accomplish their financial goals when nearing a sale. This is where Bray Business Brokerage can come in. We can evaluate the company from top to bottom and consult where the businesses financial and operational performance will need to be in order to sell at the owners desired price. Included in our services are to help identify different strategies and recommendations on how to get to your desired performance and/or price.

2.) Business owners who would like help increasing sales and profitability of their business.

Whether your business is struggling to turn a profit, or if you just want to bring your company to the next level of financial performance, Bray Business Brokerage is here to help. Bray Business Brokerage can help provide the evaluation and analysis of your company’s internal financials and operations to diagnose any potential opportunities to increase profitability and efficiencies. Being a business owner often means wearing many different hats on a day-to-day basis. Many owners either don’t have the time, or don’t specialize in business and financial analysis, and this is where we can help do the heavy lifting to perform the in depth analysis required to shed light on opportunities that could generate substantial financial ROI in the long-term for the business owner.

Bray Business Brokerage doesn’t offer a standard price for consulting services based on the wide range of services offered, and the varying scope of work relative to each particular business. Please contact us for additional information and to obtain a free quote for consulting services.

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